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WordPress started as just a blogging system way back in 2003, but a lot has changed over the last decade of use. WordPress has now evolved into a full content management system that is supported by a large community of developers who have created over 30,000 plugins to augment the core functionality.

WordPress is powerful and we want to help you harness this strength and leverage it to jump start your internet marketing efforts. Together we can create a B2C website design that is both beautiful and functional.

Easy to use & Update

  • WordPress was designed so real users throughout the world can create and update content in a user friendly dashboard that is intuitive and easy to learn. This foundation has liberated website owners and allowed them to manage their own websites with confidence.
  • All of our B2C website design projects include one on one training, in dashboard how-to videos, and interactive walkthroughs. We want to empower you and we want you to love WordPress as much as we do.

Social Media Integration

  • A WordPress website is a perfect vehicle for connecting with your consumers on social media. From easy to use social media sharing icons to automatic posting of content to social networks, WordPress makes it easy for you to keep in front of your target market.
  • WordPress allows you to quickly integrate with popular social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Search Engine Optimization

  • If your existing website isn’t receiving the web traffic you need, consider migrating your content to WordPress. At the heart of WordPress lies a search engine friendly architecture that is augmented by superior plugins like Yoast SEO. This easy to use plugin will not only grade you on your on-page SEO performance, it will provide suggestions for improvements to each piece of content.
  • If you need help with keyword research, site mapping, and on page optimization our team will make this an integral part of your website design project.

Mobile Responsive

  • Remember when companies were mobile app crazy and everyone wanted their own iPhone or Android app? While mobile apps are still important, they are not required for all companies and websites.
  • Best practice for B2C website design is a mobile responsive website that automatically adapts to tablets and smartphones. This means companies only need to invest in and maintain one web presence. This saves time and money and a whole lot of resources.

Advance Feature & Functionality

  • WordPress plugins are individual software programs that can be uploaded to a website on an as needed basis. These programs extend and expand the functionality of a WordPress website by adding powerful features like e-commerce stores, forums, and membership management.
  • There are over 30,000 free plugins available and the number grows daily. In addition, there are thousands of premium plugins available for purchase. These premium plugins will manage everything from payment processing and donations to contract signatures and text messaging. That’s a whole lot of features readily available for your B2C website!

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